Bringing Saxy Back

Not Just About Sax

Given Philadelphia's rich community of musicians this show inspires to give a voice to the musicians who bring it all together...the saxophonists! Bringing Saxy Back will appeal to both the listener and performer. The show will bring the saxophonist into your living room or iphone to tell you their story and their relationship with the sax & the music. In this series we will interview and introduce saxophones players from all around the Philadelphia Community.

Ever since Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax (now we know how the sax got it's name) developed the Saxophone in 1846, it's owners have wooed us with music from Military, Classical, Jazz, R&B, Disco, Blues, Rock and in Philadelphia, the String Bands. Given the vast diversity in music we decided to explore the people behind the music. 

The show is recorded at PhillyCam studios in the old city section of Philadelphia and played on Philly's own access station Comcast 66/966. Archive versions of the show will be available on the YouTube channel Bringing Saxy Back and will soon be available on itunes.